Introducing the Working Group Coordinator, Dr Shelagh McCartan


Shelagh collecting juniper berries on the slopes of Hellvelyn (3rd highest mountain in England).

Dr Shelagh McCartan (Working group coordinator)

Seed Scientist at Forest Research, Forestry Commission, Britain

What do I do?

Co-ordinate and deliver a programme of seed biology research, which focuses on:

  • processing, pre-treating, and storing seeds of important forestry species (Douglas fir, Scots pine and Common ash) and also novel forestry species (Atlantic cedar, Coast redwood and European silver fir); and
  • developing thermal time models and predicting benefits and risks associated with assisted migration of forestry species as part of a climate change adaptation strategy.

Co-ordinate a UK-wide collection of juniper berries for the UK National Trees Seed Project as part of an ex situ conservation effort.

Communicate research to public, practitioners and professionals through appropriate media including workshops, technical articles, and peer-reviewed papers.

Mentor and train students.

For more information, Shelagh can be contacted at


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